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About Us

Imagine sitting on the beach with your friends, listening to your favorite music, and enjoying your favorite drinks all at the same time! The Encore Music Cooler is an insulated cooler that can hold twenty-four cans, comes with a bottle opener, and has built-in speakers, just like your regular speakers. The Encore Music Cooler has special compartment areas to safely hold your iPod, phone, and other MP3 devices. You are ready for fun outside with your favorite music and beverage! 

As a team of student entrepreneurs in the Foundations of Management of Entrepreneurship (FME) course at Babson College, our passion is to get you excited about attending sports games, having a picnic, playing a game of pick-up, or just getting outside with a group of friends. Our team at Encore Music Cooler is fun, fresh, and different, just like our speakers. Be on the lookout for promotional videos on our Facebook, Twitter and Instagram pages.

Meet Our Team

Karoline Aaen- Karoline is originally from Denmark, but grew up in Beijing, China. Karoline loves her sea-kayak and her backpack and is very adventurous.  Karoline is our CEO and is perfect for the position because in Beijing she founded and chaired a non-profit organization. This organization originally started as a disaster-relief project, but gradually evolved as a much broader experiential learning, service, and leadership program. The management and leadership skills she developed through this experience will definitely help her guide our team through our FME process.

Erika Esposito- Erika is from North Reading, Massachusetts. She likes volleyball, movies, and books and also spends summers in Maine with her friends and family. She has done a lot of community service before and she believes because of this she has good customer interaction skills. She is really looking forward to making sales and working with other people to see how a business works.

Jacob Parrish- Jake is from Anchorage, Alaska and is the VP of Online Operations.  He will be great in this position because he has experience in computer programming and currently works for a small tech startup in Boston where he focuses on streamlining an online sales and marketing application. His interests include football, basketball, racquetball, debate, and traveling. He was also won the state championship for debate in high school.  

Julia Beech- Julia is from Belchertown, Massachusetts and likes playing soccer. She has a lot of work experience and is looking forward to learning the ins and outs of running a successful business. In highschool, Julia played soccer, basketball, and lacrosse and was very involved in her school’s extracurricular activities. In her free time Julia works at the Webster center and has a really good coin collection.

Jeremy Cai- Jeremy is from Hinsdale, Illinois and his interests include Cryptocurrency, big data, shared economy, and UX design.  He has past experience working on a personal product-based startup, Sprout Products, and in other tech fields. He has experience with photography and has a few photos exhibited internationally in Italy, Spain, UK and other countries. All of this experience will be very extremely helpful for the Encore Speaker Business. He is clearly experienced and very creative and that’s why he will make a great Chief Innovation Officer.

Michael Mamiye- Michael is from Brooklyn, NY. His interests are football, business, books, and traveling. Michael is an avid follower of the stock market and ran a sunglass company a few summers ago. All of this will help him in his position as a salesman and help our business become successful. He is very to learn how to work with people and to sell products.

Christine Gill-  Christine is from Hingham, Massachusetts and her interests include marketing, real estate, and lacrosse. Her position in the Encore Speaker Business is Social Media Manager. Christine is very tech savvy and she also has experience working as an intern at an HVAC contracting company so she will have no problem with the position.  Christine is looking forward to understanding the efforts needed to run a successful business. In her spare time, she likes to doodle.

Ajay Palekar- Ajay is from Seattle, Washington. He enjoys watching movies, fencing, and reading. He had first-hand experience as Chief Financial Officer last year for a company called REco. This will make him a great Chief Financial Officer  for our current company. Ajay is looking forward to gaining more experience and his favorite animal is a baby harp seal.

Ali Cosimini- Ali is from Boylston, Massachusetts and is interested in music and entertainment. She has experience as a sales associate at Aldo Shoes, where she had to meet a certain sales quota and learned a lot about being a saleswoman. She is the special events coordinator and is looking forward to creating video campaigns and selling Encore Speakers at different colleges. She also met Bruce Springsteen outside of Fenway Park and has been his biggest fan ever since!

Matthew Livermore- Matthew is from Portland, Maine. He likes watching and following hockey and football. He has experience working at the front desk of a hotel and had to make sales to customers so his skills from that will be able to transfer over to our business so he can make sales of our product. He is Online Inventory Specialist for our business. He is really looking forward to being able to see all the hard work start to pay off with an actual company. Making sales will be satisfying for Matt and it will be great for him to learn more about keeping track of inventory and shipping in the operations department because he has never done that before.

David St.Peter- David is from Gloucester, Massachusetts and likes playing basketball and enjoys fishing, hiking, boating, and long walks on the beach.  He worked as a manager and chef for three summers and is currently Chief Officer of Operations for our business. He is looking forward to getting the experience that comes with being involved in a business and gaining a profit.   

Martin Restrepo- Martin is from Medellin, Colombia and is interested in the stock market and loves playing soccer. He is Financial Manager and is really looking forward to gaining experience in the financial department of the business.

Aileen Oh- Aileen was born in Boston but moved to Glastonbury, Connecticut and graduated from Glastonbury High School. She enjoys playing the flute and watching movies. She has experience working at her dad’s business and working with customers at her local grocery store. This experience will help her as Sales Associate.  

Brianna Lynch- Brianna is from the South Shore in Massachusetts and has lived there her entire life. Her hobbies include backgammon, rugby, and volunteering. However, she is always open to trying new ventures and meeting new people. In Encore Speakers, she is a part of both the accounting and community service teams. She is very excited about integrating her previous work and volunteer lessons into our new business and will try her hardest to make the most out of the experience.

Dillan Lin- Dillan is from Taipei, Taiwan. He enjoys collecting sneakers and he has past experience running his own sneaker, snapback, clothing, and accessory online retail store. He’s looking forward to using this experience to help our business grow and allowing people to enjoy our products. He is also looking forward to being our administrative consultant.

Katie Mckenna- Katie is from Cape Cod, Massachusetts. Her interests are sports and entertainment and she plays soccer and lacrosse. She is the Vice President of Human Resources for our business, and is looking forward to gaining experience of what it is like to be in the business world. She has worked as a lifeguard and is excited to work for a business for the first time.

Magala Martin- Magala is from Monterrey, Mexico. Her interests are golf, tennis, and cooking. Before coming to Babson, she opened a tree business with her brothers, so she has the experience needed to be Financial Manager. She is really looking forward to seeing what it is like to run this business and to learn more about running a business through this experience.

Matt Logan- Matt was born in California and currently lives in Pennsylvania. He likes playing lacrosse and basketball, and enjoys backpacking, road trips, mountains, and adventures—he doesn’t mind getting lost to keep things interesting. He also enjoys movies and books. He has experience as an entrepreneur because he started a cookie business when he was little and he is also a people person. This all will help him and our business as Chief Marketing Officer.

Kristen Haislip- Kristen is from Northern Virginia and her interests include volleyball, canoeing, kayaking, and advertising. She had experience in high school organizing and advertising in order to fundraise for the Bouldercrest Retreat for Wounded Warriors. Kristen also graduated high school a year early. She is looking forward to learning skills that will be valuable once she starts her own business. All of this will help her and our team as the Web Content Administrator.

Kate Montague- Kate is from Manchester, Vermont and likes lacrosse, swimming, and hanging out with her friends and family. She has work experience as a lifeguard and as a swim coach. Because of this she has experience working with large groups of people to reach a goal and she is excited to be able to use that understanding for our business. She is the group’s Documentarian, meaning she’ll be updating the website on how the team is doing, allowing others to follow our team’s progress. She played the clarinet in a musical ensemble for ten years.

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